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MINI COUTURE  is a custom doll project founded by Asian fashion designer K. Yiu since 2017.


K has always been a huge doll lover since his childhood, he learned puppet making during the period when he studied aboard. And he kept making puppets as a hobby throughout his study in the UK.

After graduation, K went back to his country and started to develop his career, and unfortunately, he had to stop puppet making in order to devote 100% to pursue his dream.

A decade passed by and K is now a couture designer and owns a bridal boutique, one day he came across a video about custom doll making on YouTube and that reminded him of the time when he used to make puppets for leisure.

He attempted to make a few dolls by combining the instructions from the clip and his own puppet making technique, then posted his creations on the internet. The next day he received serval inquiries on commissioning different characters, and he again decided to pick up on making dolls again to serve mainly two purposes, first is to reduce the stress level of being a designer in real life, and second is to make other doll lovers happy.

“Making dolls is a way for me to escape from the reality” K recalled.

He admits that doll making is so far the best way for him to self-medicate. And being able to create different characters with his own interpretation is the best part of being a custom doll hobbyist.

 He called the doll making project “MINI COUTURE” which literally means dolls created with the aesthetic view of a couture designer and he sincerely hopes that his creations can bring happiness to doll lovers over the world!

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